Class of 2017 Senior Fund

Class of 2017, friends, and family - it's our turn! The Senior Fund is a unique fundraising opportunity that poses a time for reflection. Where would you as a senior, or senior parent, be without the scholarships you received? Actively giving back...

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Heavy-Lift Drone Project

Thank you for your support in creating a real-world high technology experience for Gonzaga students, one that will carry past graduation and strengthen communities. The Materials Advantage Club is spearheading this project with an eager drive to...

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SAE Baja

Each year our club's goal is to design and build a single-seat, all-terrain, sporting vehicle. We compete it in a four-day intercollegiate competition with colleges across the globe.

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The student-callers who are working their way through school by helping to raise funds for the University are grateful for the opportunity to connect with Zags like you; but, they understand that sometimes a phone call just doesn't come at a good...

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Zambia-Zimbabwe Choir Tour

Traveling to Zambia and Zimbabwe will be an enriching experience, and while we will live humbly while there, the cost of airfare makes this trip inaccessible to some. It is important that we have every member of the choir with us, as everyone...

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